Friday 14 November 2014

Elgin Gordon Falls area Forest Brook Painting by Marc Little

Latest Nature painting. New Brunswick Rivers & Streams.
Elgin Forest brook 
oil on canvas

Gibson and Gordon Falls.
The path to the falls starts off as a dirt road. Then you need to branch off on footpaths down to the falls area. These paths are quite steep and require you get a good foothold.
The falls are spectacular and the the gorge below looks like a cool spot to white water kayak.
Gibson Falls is located at: N 45° 46.9512 W 065° 05.5344 and Gordon at: N 45° 47.0148 W 065° 05.6454
NOTE: If you plan on going swimming beware. I heard from someone who knows these falls that 5 kids have drown in the swimming hole between Gibson Falls and Gordon Falls (out of sight around the corner). The reason is the undertow under the swimming hole that can pull you down and over Gordon Falls. I don't recommend the swimming!
From Moncton or Sussex get to Elgin and continue south a couple of km's. You'll come to a cement bridge. Cross it and turn around and park on the side of the road which has a cottage and a dirt road following the river downstream. Take this road to the falls.

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